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DeQueen Collezione 是Zocus Fashion旗下公司。


自2011年, DeQueen Collezione开始在网上营业出售各种新潮的时尚物品。我们专注于女性手袋,鞋子,配件,饰品,化妆品,日常实用品等商品。我们同时也可为顾客寻找她们想要的产品。我们的目标是要让您可以轻轻松松地就可把您所爱的宝贝网购回家。一按一付我们就会把货品送到门口哦!

本店多数产品是以预购为主, 多谢顾客们下单后都肯耐心等待商品到达。


我们目前有一个活跃的Facebook页面,拥有十多千名粉丝。小铺一直会有新时潮商品上载和各优惠活动, 敬请大家守于我们的专页店铺和官网, 我们会尽全力提供最佳服务。


DeQueen Collezione is owned by Zocus Fashion

Business Registration No: 002689536-H (Zocus Fashion)

Since 2011, DeQueen Collezione starts the online store to sell various type of trendy fashion stuffs.

We are specialized in products likes ladies handbag, shoes , accessories, clothing, cosmetic and some daily useful products etc. We also helping customers to source the products that they want. Our aim is to bring you a nice and good quality product conveniently on your fingers tips. 

Most of our products are pre-order, grateful that customers always wait patiently for their goods to be arrived. 【No urgent Order Please!!!】

We currently have an active Facebook page with great numbers of followers. We will have new products uploaded consistently and promotion activities too. Kindly stay closely with us and we will provide the best integrity service to everyone.

Enjoy your online shopping with us!

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